I need help figuring out what happened to my browsers. I'm sure it's something simple and one of you will look at my screenshot and know what the problem is. I have a new laptop, Windows 7 x64. Everything has been working perfectly until this. Everything is updated, virus scan was clean. I'm using ObjectDock Ultimate, Windowblinds 7.0-build 230. Your computer has a Windows Experience Index base score of 4.9 Your Windows Graphics Experience score is 4.9 WindowBlinds version : WindowBlinds 7.0 (build 230 - Windows 7 Edition) - 64 bit OS WindowBlinds is installed correctly on this PC WindowBlinds appears to be activated on this PC (Generic PnP Monitor) 1 is attached to NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Wblind.dll 2009/11/16 12:43:20 Wblind64.dll 2009/11/16 12:43:40 Wbsrv.dll 2009/11/12 09:19:01 SevenConfig.exe 2009/11/12 11:16:53 Wbload.exe 2009/11/06 12:44:12 Wbhelp.dll 2009/10/07 15:35:07 Tray.dll 2009/10/21 09:13:19 Wbload.dll 2009/09/25 08:41:29 Screen.exe 2009/11/07 12:39:26 Since last night any website I go to using Firefox or IE8 is totally screwed up. Not sure what it is - missing code/css/java/whatever. Buttons and pictures are missing, etc. Any help would really be appreciated, I can't get anything done with my browser like this.
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